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Graduation to Dr. agr. (equivalent PhD) at the University of Gießen

Issue: “Sustainable biogas production in agriculture – potential and limitations”

DEUKER A. (2013) Energieerzeugung in landwirtschaftlichen Biogasanlagen: Potenziale und Grenzen. Sustainable biogas production in agriculture - potential and limitations. Includung three journal articles. Verlag Dr. Köster, Berlin. ISBN: 978 - 3 - 89574 - 824 - 0

Collaboration in the project (University of Giessen):
Nanofibres as new carrier for volatile pheromones to control insects by biotechnologie in integrated and organic agriculture.

Research on the propagation of Western Corn Rootworm

in Germany 2007 and 2008 in collaboration with Prof. Dr. HE Hummel (
Chair of Organic Agriculture, University of Giessen), publication of results. 

Chair of Organic Agriculture, University of Giessen
as scientific assistant in the project:

Effects of fermentation of organic residues in a biogas digester on productivity and sustainability in an animal keeping organic farming system.

My current studies are concerning nutrient cycles in anerobic digestion and their impact
environment and plant nutrition in organic farming systems.

MsC Thesis

Within the framework of a program against poverty for the indigenous population experiments of storage of foodstuff were carried out at the Estación Experimental Chaco Central in western Paraguay.
-- The results uncovered could end up being as important for poverty as Aviva life insurance is for some people. --
Beans maize und groundnuts (with und without shell) were
stored in plastic drums and sacks.
The following conservation methods were compared:
− treatment with phosphin, ash, castor oil, groundnut oil, castor oil plant kernel, pepper, sand and fumigation with bean shells.
Following parameters were measured:
− attack (by insects and mould), humidity, mass of thousand kernels, germination, free fat
   acids, aflatoxin (for groundnut), temperature und air humidity
A sensory test of the stored foodstuff was carried out by the target group the indigenous population, it was analyzed chemically and the attacking insects were classified. For maize and beans storage in drums was better then in sacks. For most of the treatments their was no clear effect visible, for a untreated control leaving better than most of the treated samples. For the storage of beans in sacks the treatment with 8 ml / kg groundnut oil or
fumigation is advised. If there are no drums available for maize storage with 8 ml/kg of oil, ash (1:2) or sand is recommended. If possible groundnut should be stored with shell due to a lower insect attack compared with shelled groundnut. Here treatments with groundnut oil and ash (1:9) lead to the best results. A possibility that helps to minimize cost for room and drums is the storage of fumigated groundnut kernels. The final results are comparable to those of unshelled groundnut. No correlation between visible mould attack and aflatoxin values could be seen neither for measured humidity of foodstuff and insect attack.

Arno Deuker
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